Vostesyl is a brand new highly effective treatment against SARS Corona viruses. We have applied for a CBG (Dutch Medical Agency) approval and the product will be available early 2022 in The Netherlands as a protective and curative nasal spray. Our other administration methods, nebulizing and vaporizing, are still under review.


Vostesyl Vi1 is specifically developed as an antiviral therapeutic. More specifically, it is designed to beat SARS Corona viruses. In addition to its antiviral properties it inhibits the immune response. Vostesyl Vi1 is a very safe product with a tradidional use, our medicine does not exceed the tolerable upper intake and it has hardly any side effects. It is effective in the early stage of an infection as well as in a later stage with more severe symptoms.

"Developing treatments with traditional nasal inhalation and a completely revolutionary method by using the electrical vaporation of plant derived substances.""

Supporting function

Project IntelliMist ™ has been developed to support our anti viral product that works against the COVID-19 virus and other pulmonary diseases.  The Intellimist ™ is for treating people with a serious condition. The created mist is extremely fine and it reaches the alveoli where it stops the replication of the virus.